The TLSFx Pull Fuse Stick Grenade is a great grenade of any game style, but is particularly popular in the World War 2 gaming world and MilSim.

The stick style is constructed to be durable and yet is CAD approved and is fully bio-degradable.

The operation is simple and based around the operation of the historic WW2 grenade. Firstly remove bottom cap which exposes a string lanyard. A sharp tug of downwards, away from the stick of this lanyard lights the fuse. Then throw.

The fuse itself has a 7 second delay before it detonates. When the fuse has burnt down the grenade explodes spreading paint in all directions, making multiple target markings possible.


£5.75 Regular Price
£5.49Sale Price
    • Fuse delay: Approximately 7 seconds
    • Effect: Noise & paint dispersal
    • Effect area: Up to 10 meters in random directions
    • Effect payload: Paint
    • Ignition type: Pull string
    • Water resistant outer: No
    • CE classification: P1

VAT Number: 295930364

Company Number: 11356359


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