The Raven EU18 is a Gas Blow Back (GBB) Airsoft pistol manufactured and built by Nuprol and is part of their RAVEN EU G-Series Pistol Range.


The weapon is constructed with a lightweight and durable polymer lower frame and an alloy slide, making it a lightweight yet durable sidearm. The pistol features a selectable fire GBB system, meaning that the weapon can be set so either single round is discharged for every trigger pull or the weapon continues to fire untill the trigger is released, and also simulates recoil for a more realistic experience.


The pistol comes fitted with square sights and a rectangular body, making it the perfect choice for quick target acquisition when on the playing field, allowing the user to simply line up the pistol with their field of view until only the rectangular back profile of the slide can be seen.


The pistol features a specially designed Gen4 frame which allows the grip to fit well in the players hand, with interchangeable back straps allowing users with different sized hands to comfortably use the weapon. The grip also features a stipple like textured effect making the pistol easier to hold when wearing gloves. The frame of the pistol also features an extended magazine release making it easier to find under fire, and making it easier to release the magazine from the weapon.


The pistol also comes with a spare nozzle and o-ring seals kit, allowing you to replace parts of the weapon should they wear down over time. The pistol is also compatible with WE Europe G-Series parts and accessories, allowing the use of WE G-Series magazines as well.


This is the perfect sidearm for any Airsoft player, allowing you to quickly and effectively protect yourself from any threat should your main weapon go down or the enemy engage you in a CQB Environment.


£91.99 Regular Price
£89.99Sale Price
    • Construction: Polymer frame, with alloy upper
    • Powered by: Gas
    • Fire selector: Safe / semi / fully automatic
    • Magazine capacity: 25 rnds
    • Velocity: 290+fps
    • Hop Up: Adjustable on hop unit when split
    • Two stage safety trigger
    • Compatible with WE Europe parts and accessories