The Nuprol NX Pressure Pad Adapter has a solid build that features a lock out switch to stop accidental activation and can be fitted with no tools. The detachable pressure pad includes a velcro backing and sticky 3m pad so you can fit this switch to any part of your Airsoft gun including a variety or grips or sticking it straight to your receiver.


On the underside is a silver toggle switch, when this is in the right position the slider switches will become deactivated and work purely from the pressure switch. If you decide to keep the silver toggle switch in a left position then you can activate your light from either slider switch or the pressure pad. The actual pressure pad is removable along with the telephone coil wiring but you are still able to operate your torch from the slider switches. This results in a slim line look whilst extending the back of your original torch unit slightly. You still keep an ergonomic feel but your torch unit now has a more beefy and high end look to it.


£12.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price
    • Fits NX200 / 300 / 400 Pistol Torches
    • Torch Toggle switch lock out, stop accidental activations
    • Removable pressure pad lead
    • Easily installation, simply unhook the original battery cover and hook on the new one
    • Double the uses of your NX torch, use it on your rifle or pistol
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