The Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit is a must have for any Airsoft player or enthusiast. The kit comes with everything you need to keep your GBB and AEG weapons in top condition, giving you the edge over your opponents.

Maintaining and looking after your Airsoft Equipment should be the top rule, and this kit is one step closer to achieving that goal.

Everything you need and more is included within the kit such as degreaser, silicone spray and drop oil form, cleaning cloths and putty to remove stubborn muck and grit.

Plastic Lubricant (60ml)
Oil Remover (60ml)
Pump (For Oil Remover)
Cleaning Brush
Stick-Easy (18g)
Silicone Grease (10g)
Gear Grease (10g)
Bearing Oil (10ml)


£13.99 Regular Price
£11.99Sale Price
    • Keep your GBB/AEG Airsoft weapons in top condition
    • Perfect for keeping with your Airsoft kit for cleaning during breaks in games
    • Everything you need to maintain your guns

VAT Number: 295930364

Company Number: 11356359


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