The ultimate smoke grenade, there is no mistaking that this product is completely original and brought to you exclusively by Enola Gaye.


If you need a black smoke effect your options are very limited; you can either set fire to a stack of tyres, polluting the earth or you could ask a pyrotechnic company to develop you one at great expense.


However with the release of Enola Gaye's new ‘EG18 Black Smoke Grenade’ you can now create the effect of a real fire without the fire! The EG18 uses the proven Wire Pull™ ignition system.


Enola Gaye have for worked many years to develop this product. Non toxic black smoke is very difficult to create. This product has been designed to mimic a real fire, therefore use it with caution. You do not want to be the person responsible for calling out the fire service for no reason!


£9.00 Regular Price
£7.49Sale Price
    • Fuse delay: Approx 2 seconds
    • Effect: Single vent high output black smoke
    • Effect duration: Approximately 60 seconds
    • Effect colour: Black/dark grey smoke
    • Ignition type: Wire pull
    • Composition: Weight 100g
    • Size: 55mm diameter x 112mm high
    • Water resistant outer: Partial
    • Quantity of smoke output: 70%
    • Output speed: 65%
    • Smoke density: 100%

VAT Number: 295930364

Company Number: 11356359


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